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Cheat at Life Brand Activations

When first joining Boys and Girls I helped to land the 48 mobile account with a pitch that targeted the student market predominantly through social media and online activations. While this sounds common now – 10 years ago it was ground breaking as we were Ireland's first brand to activate through Snapchat. The creative platform 'Cheat at life' was a movement aimed at Irelands youth audience to hack the system in as many ways possible. Snap Chat gave us the platform to have a live activation experience in real time with a receptive and motivated audience.

Instead of a Christmas campaign we activated a New Year Campaign at a time when there was less market noise than in the previous weeks. Again using the Cheat at life platform we created a Christmas Gift Swap Shop where people could swap their unwanted Christmas gifts for something far cooler or for phone credit! This was again activated live through social media using social influencers and youth editorial channels.

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