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Breakthrough Cancer Research

Saolfada: The County of Survival

Co. Saolfada was launched on World Cancer Survivor’s Day to enable Ireland’s cancer survivors to be the country’s fastest growing population through the commitment of more cancer research funding to find new treatments for poor prognosis cancers. If Irish cancer survivors had their own county, the population would be as big as Cork City, or the Counties of Limerick, Kildare, or Meath. An honorary County Mayor, the former Lord Mayor of Cork John Buttimer, and Ambassador of Culture international dance superstar Michael Flatley were appointed to represent the new county at launch.

The campaign was launched in just 10 days from the initial brief. The inter-agency team delivering the successful campaign included myself partnering the The Brill Building as the creative lead and ETC for PR and influencer and celebrity partnerships, media from Fluent Communications and Irish Media Agency for social and digital execution.

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Celebrity ambassador and cancer survivor Michael Flatley said he is honoured to be a citizen and cultural ambassador of Co. Saolfada. “Today is a day to celebrate survival. There are 200,000 survivors in Ireland, including me, thanks to innovations in medicine and cancer research, and that’s just incredible. Let’s help Breakthrough increase the population of Co. Saolfada by supporting more research! Everyone diagnosed with cancer could one day live there.”

The new county has already appointed its first Mayor, former Lord Mayor of Cork and cancer survivor John Buttimer. Commenting, Mr. Buttimer said, “Cancer can strike at any time. For me it was during my year as Lord Mayor. I think the idea of a County of Cancer Survivors with its own council is a wonderful idea - because there are 200,000 of us now.  And as such, cancer survivors should absolutely have more prominent representation in government.”

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