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Kaliedescope of Colour


Kaliedescope of Colour

To present Dulux Cuprinol as the perfect wood treatment for garden use at Bloom: Irelands premier garden showcase event, We created a concept show garden that put colour at it's heart.

RevA-K-Scope Axonometric-260417_edited.j

James Purdy joined our team as the lead garden designer to ensure the planting and arrangements are of highest standard.

We built a modern reinterpretation of a traditional Parterre Rose Garden that combined the vibrant colour of the Rose bloom with the complimentary pigments of Cuprinol paint. The boundary of the garden comprised of a number of high vertical timber posts of varying widths created a sense of enclosure within the garden where climbing roses were trained onto. Staggered planted borders throughout the garden created a balanced arrangement of colour and filled the entire garden with the scent of roses. A giant Kaleidoscope positioned at the fulcrum of the garden created the most immersive multi sensory experience which earned a Silver Gilt Medal and a load of APMC and ICAD awards.

This garden with its balance of calming sensory stimulation also made a perfect gift for Enable Ireland. 

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