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Champion Green



Champion Green

Following the success of our Green Friday campaign four months earlier we had began the journey with Kilkenny Design in a sustainable direction well before COVID 19 had landed on our shores. As shops began to close and businesses began to struggle we decided to use that momentum in a broader context. With import and exports reduced to a minimum and productivity in decline it was obvious we needed to inspire the local businesses and consumers of Ireland to All Rise and support their local communities. We formed an alliance with Visa; the biggest supporter of small businesses, The Small Firms Association, Chambers of Commerce  and Retail Excellence and with their combined membership we provided downloadable Butterfly toolkits to encourage the consumers of Ireland to Support Local and make a more sustainable choice.

This campaign was a huge undertaking given the new restrictions in place due to the pandemic, The production of assets posing the biggest problem as most businesses were near to closure. We created outdoor and digital display, press radio and TV for a fraction of the cost. We created wall murals and pop up shops while social media swept along with the Champion Green movement in full effect. Across the shop windows of Ireland Butterflies appeared in the windows as we all emerged from our cocoons pumping millions back into our own economy.

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