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Champion Green
Support Local

Kilkenny Design

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Champion Green: Support Local

Phase two of the Champion Green initiative was to evolve the Champion Green platform to promote the products in-store heroing the Irish brands in a portfolio that makes up nearly 80% of Kilkenny Design's Stock. Leveraging the familiarity of the iconic Champion Green Butterfly that Kilkenny  used to promote their sustainable cause; supporting Irish businesses during the pandemic, we used the same butterflies to elevate the awareness of the key categories in store and online such as general gifting, home fragrance, art, knitwear and jewellery. This ICAD winning work was used in-store and in press and social media.


A further continuation of this work included iconic words with butterflies emerging from the behind acknowledging the change in consumer behaviours and the impact that positive and sustainable shopping was having on the creative communities and families associated with the Kilkenny Design company as a whole.

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