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Green Friday


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Green Friday

Green Friday was a campaign for Kilkenny Design that targeting consumers who seek to buy their Christmas gifts online in the Black Friday sales.

Online shopping wasn't the issue as Kilkenny had its own fully functioning online shopping portal. The hook here was to create an arresting campaign that leveraged the increasing trend of supporting local business in an effort to create a more sustainable and self sufficient economy. Brexit was looming in the coming new year and consumers juggled with sustainability vs the affordability and convenience of Amazon bringing products from all around the word to our doorsteps.

The art direction for Green Friday was very daring compared to more recent Kilkenny Design work, they had become a little safe these days. This Punk approach was the first step in creating a more contemporary and evocative brand persona. 50 years ago Kilkenny was at the forefront  of Irish design but it was now considered more of a tourists souvenir shop or one for an older demographic. This campaign was to challenge those perceptions and encourage a younger audience to cross the threshold with the sustainable bonus of buying Irish. Literally dipping the actual products into green paint allowed us to paint Black Friday Green.

Selecting the leading Irish designers who supply Kilkenny Design, a suite of social content videos were produced to champion their work which drew inspiration from the Irish landscapes.

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