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Mothers Day AND IWD


Kilkenny Mother's Day
International Women's Day

80% of Kilkenny's workforce are female beginning with the leadership of Marian O'Gorman and Evelyn Moynihan which gives both International Women's Day and Mothers Day huge relevance on this hallmark occasion. Working with The Brill Building we visualised in their own words the charter and beliefs installed in them by their mother. Featuring Chupi Sweetman, Aoibhín Garrihy and Panty Bliss in display, in-store window display and Social media. The hand rendered calligraphy was also delivered by Holly Pereira. 

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11.10.02.png

On International Women's Day itself we featured childhood photographs of the current Kilkenny Design staff and suppliers to illustrate the support that they have given to their female community. The backgrounds and illustrated details were created by creative duo Jill & Gill known for their portraiture screen prints of iconic women. An accompanying video portraying Aoibhín Garrihy as young schools girl talking about her aspirations and dreams of becoming her own boss and running her own company. As she tells her story the illustrative icons from Gill & Jill animate into the frame.

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