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Leprechaun Cemetery

Mics Chilli Sauce

Leprechaun Cemetery

Deep in the Wicklow mountains is a graveyard for the little folk that have fallen due to their consumption of Mic's Chilli Hot Sauce. Something you may not know is that Leprechauns find it hard to resist the chilli spice despite the toll it has upon their undersized constitution, in many cases it proved fatal and could be why there are so few of them now.


This mystical little pot of gold is hidden away next to a children's writing retreat where the old epitaphs inspire its visitors with their own little stories of sorrow. If you are ever out walking that way then ask a local if they'll point you in the direction of the Leprechaun Cemetery and if you should visit during a fiery sunset some have said that you can see the little figures skipping around the headstones and the faint sound of a fiddle.

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