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Quest FOR

Armada Hotel

Quest for Ireland's Best

In partnership with the Brill Building I created a campaign for The Armada Hotel in County Clare that announced the creation of more than 100 new jobs and launched an innovative recruitment drive titled ‘The Quest for Ireland’s Best,’ to attract talent from across the island to positions in more than 30 hospitality roles. The jobs created were a result of a €3 million redevelopment plan due for completion by February 2022 at the four star Spanish Point hotel.


The three main print pieces featured the sea its varied states though-out the day with an emotive copy line that defined one of the 30 available hotels roles as a personality trait. This aimed to intrigue the reader to seek more information in the long copy which more accurately defined the role with a URL to the pop-up beach-hut recruitment company at


The positive PR story made national news and the each of the 30 roles had its own insta call to action which was managed through the recruitment period

All work was generated off the back of a Rebranding project which reframed the west coast hotel taking all of its inspiration from the surrounding seascape

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