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The GIRL AND the cloud

Three mobile

Activating The Perfect Surprise

Three Mobile's Christmas TV ad: The Perfect Surprise, told a story about a father who brought home a snow cloud from his travels as a surprise Christmas gift for his daughter. The memorable impact of this work had a knock effect that inspired a guerrilla activation stunt. This event was captured as a content piece that was aired the following year. It was inspired by letters that had been sent to Three by school children questioning the availability of the magical snow cloud portrayed in the TVC.

By the third year we needed something special to reframe the idea and we chose to tell the next chapter of the tale through a children's storybook. This beautifully illustrated storybook was then transformed into a 60" animated piece which became the basis of the Christmas TV campaign. The characters and assets were transformed into an array of assets that were applied to all the other retail touch points that Christmas creating huge amplification for our children's charity partnership with Barnardoes. 

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