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THe Shop That Nearly Wasnt

Breakthrough Cancer Research

The Shop That Nearly Wasn't

Breakthrough Cancer Research directly fund the research to find new treatments for poor prognosis cancers – to achieve 100% survival for 100% of cancers. To raise more funding to tackle survival inequality, we needed to raise awareness- to show a new generation the good they could do and the hope research creates every day.

On World Cancer Day, The Shop That Nearly Wasn’t, the World’s First Shop 100% Stocked and Staffed by Cancer Survivors opened Dublin and online.
Stocked with books, jewellery, art and tech it was a showcase for the talent we would have lost, if not for cancer research. However one part of the shop remained empty – to highlight the fact that more funding and research is needed in order to help more people with cancers like pancreatic and lung with survival rates as low as 9% or 14% survive – sooner. Visitors could donate to fill that vacant space.

The integrated campaign could not have been made without survivors – filming their stories, creating new products and even survivors creating the campaign assets.

Survivor Posters showing them during their cancer treatment and then after holding the product that they had produced after treatment

Product cards featured the cancer treatment as a core component of the product.

The weeks scheduled talks and activities were posted on social over the week

A huge amount of media coverage was created organically over the week

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